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I AM GOING FoR A BLAST..who wants to die with me tonight?

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thats right DEMON run...anything goes...tell your mama you might not be comming back home..unless shes got bail money or the funeral cost on hand.

PLEASE dont show up...if your not a nut case that can ride the piss out of your bike. i dont feel like playing daddy.

any takers?

i am thinking 7pm at the dominicks store...almost close to the starbucks in romeoville. its right down the street from gas shitty...the whole road is covered with new tar fuck that for right now...i just washed my bike.

meet at the outter lot.

ill find you or youll find me.

so whos crazy enough?
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Not me! :D
Vcook said:
So you are going then?:D
hes got a flat.

damm i cant believe the first demon run..and no one is up to it..lmao..oh well looks like its just me
Odysseys said:
hes got a flat.

And only 1 bike? no backup?:laughing
I thought all Suzuki owners were required to have a backup?
He's probably sitting in the dark playing with his cooooool undertail and indiglo gauges :D

maybe next time guys
Ken: I saw you on a normal ride, a demon ride tho:confused
Damn, I wish I had seen this earlier. I'm in a squidly mood so I'll just go do some shitty wheelies.
I need to check the board more often, hey Ken, how about some rides starting up here!?

Love the title of the ride:evil
well i did go out...just by myself since no one got on this with plenty of time..atleast i got an idea who might wanna do this next time..and i consider both you guys good enough to come with;) (thats cause i know you guys can take care of yourself)

ok lets recap what i did.

i did some wheelies, top speed runs, ramming threw corners, blew a red light, kicked a car, scared the shit out of some asshole putt putting along as i wheelied past his window doing maybe 80.
got the back wheel moving around some corners..say some guy on the hwy with a 2002 R1 (i kick his ass) in roll ons and in the corners on LSD he was to chicken shit to stay with me:evil .

other then that it was a good demon run...alittle lonely but DEMON non the less.
MAN there was a few cops on 55...i even saw 1 sitting on the shoulder with his car door cracked with the radar gun sticking out...(yeah i wasnt speeding then)

well thes the sum of it.

(p.s. this is all bullshit..i wouldnt do none of this as it is illegal , this whole thing is nothing more then a lie)

OR IS IT?:evil
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makes ya wonder doesn't it ODY.:confused
i think ody has an alter ego we just found out about. :laughing
DAMN!!! i miss all the fun i was screwing arond last night.
i would have gone shit
captainpeebody said:
Damn, I wish I had seen this earlier. I'm in a squidly mood so I'll just go do some shitty wheelies.

crap!!! I should of checked the board last night. I didn't do anything but sit on my ass, and I was itchn' for another demon run like last Sundays.

Sorry Ken:mad
Spree50cc said:
i think ody has an alter ego we just found out about. :laughing
You mean YOU just found out about!:D

But he's a really lovable psycho!:evil
:laughing ill do another soon , when the cops stop looking for me..lmao:evil
mommy what does your tires look like after a demon run with gravel in the corners?...gagagaga:evil
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