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I am so proud of myself

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ok first I took the panels off my bike for the first time today :D and got the idle control screw connected and the horn repaired. worked my idle down to only 700 above norm insted of 3700 above norm. also I looked through EVERY corner and had decent lines through them all (thanks oddy). things are just starting to really get comfortable but to do something like this is not unlike me just to do it with no one over my shoulder to coach me is very unlike me. I am one of those scared of making things worse unless I have a person who knows sitting on the side saying ok now do this and that. so hell yes I am very proud of myself.

so hooray for me and f*$# you :twofinger :twofinger j/k

ok had to get it out :D
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Keep it up....:twofinger
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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