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I AM STARTING a fund raiser for andy

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If anyone would like to help Andy with a couple bucks...I will be collecting funds from CLSB , I know he is gonna need some help and no one is rich around here and I already know a few guys wanting to help him out.

ANY time you want to meet up or drive by or meet me somewhere...JUST let me know.

I will BE GIVING THIS MONEY DIRECTLY TO ANDY......I will make sure ever persons name that gave ANYTHING from a 1.00 to what ever will make sure he knows where it came from and how much.
PLEASE don't think I am I will be hiding any of this money think I proved myself around here track day issues and such...I am not here to make a buck.

So if anyone would like to donate money I AM SURE Andy will appreciate it so much in his time trouble.

Hope and pray for the best and hopefully God will do everything he can for him, but money is an issue of the world that makes it go round.

Ill even post here the names of people and the amount of money they gave so everyone can rest assure there thoughts of well hearted ness wont go un noticed.

Thanks everyone.

ill be at the party this weekend...most of you know me..if not ..look for the ugly bald guy with the security tee-shirt on.

p.s. please dont feel bad if you cant donate much..its hard times for everyone but even a buck help.
thanks guys
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THE LIST OF DONATIONS collected for andy AS OF 8/22/02

Ken: $100.00
terminator R1 (thank you)
jeff with a J
dan (norseman82?) hope i read that right?
Paul Vincent

(total to date ($1,503.00)

those were the names i got off my list that they wrote there names down, if ya gave and didnt see this paper let me know....i remember everyone that was there, thanks
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Put me down for $50. I know it aint much, but its something.

I can swing by your place, or meet ya at gas city tomorrow to drop it off. Just let me know what your schedule is like.
tomorrow is fine, or when ever...if anyone wants to call me to meet me somewhere my # is 815-739-9737

OR if for some reason your to far away to meet.

you can mail them to me.

Ken sanford
p.o. box 308
Orland Park IL, 60462

PLEASE write on envelope (in care of Andy)

and write the check out to him directly

Andrew Michalski

thanks everyone
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I'm good for $200. :)

I owe him anyway. He's always spotted me somecash when I was short... but that never happens:rolleyes
As I mentioned in the other thread, I'm good for $100. I was going to write a check but if cash is better I can do that. I was thinking the BBQ would be a good time.

if by chance someone wants to remain private about there donations as well just PM me and i will keep it private.

thanks everyone this is going to help him majorly
dave which ever way makes you feel more confortable is fine..this all goes to andy, and a list of all who donated also.

like i said, i can gather what ever from the party and meet anyone close enough or they can mail it in care of him. he will get everything
Doh! Your in Orland? I thought you were closer to here. I dont expect ya to drive all the way to gas city to pick it up. Ill call you tomorrow when I'm on the road to arrange a better place for ya.
:laughing i live in plainfeild (its right there to the left see;) )

my business bulk mail goes to the p.o. box.

and this is more secure there since it doesnt by any chance get delivered by a carrier.

so just call me...i am only 10 minutes away from gas shitty
I'm in. I'll talk it over with the queen as far as how much we can give, but Andy's worth every penny we give him. He's put alot of work in here lately organizing rides and making sure everyone is having fun. Beside......He'd do it for any one of us.
Personally, for the list of donors I would prefer if just the names were mentioned. This is not a contest and nobody should feel slighted for the amount they contribute. Every dollar should be appreciated.

If anyone has an issue with this perhaps anyone over $25 should be mentioned.

I don't care that much one way or the other but it could be a problem for some.
you amounts will be mentioned then..just the people that helped. its more important then the dollar amount.

This is a good idea ken. I'll be in for some.
I'm in Ken. I'll see ya Sat and give ya the cash.
Great idea Ken!! I'll see ya at the BBQ
Check and card will be in the mail on Monday or Tuesday Ken.
I won't be at the BBQ so I'll take care of it through snail mail.

No, really, the check's in the mail :D

I will have a can set up for donations at the bbq, with envelopes, so you can donate in privacy if you'd like!
great...that saves me hauling up this coffee can
Count me in.......... Ill donate Saturday

Im working with PIP printing on the stickers for our helmuts until Andy is fully recovered....................Doesnt look like there gonna be done by Sat. though.

I will pass them out as soon as I get them in my hands though
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