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Andy's next squidmobile should be:

  • Gixxer 1K

    Votes: 11 44.0%
  • YZF R1

    Votes: 7 28.0%
  • CBR 954

    Votes: 7 28.0%

I cant me pick a new bike

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Ok guys, here's the YZF is getting to be quite the headache for me. Thought that I would get another year out of it, but after today's mayhem dealing with it (dont want to get into the story), I think it is time to get me one of those fancy new-fangled modern sportbikes for real instead of hemming and hawing about it like I was. There are three contenders (in no particular order) in the running for the new SuperSquidMobile...

1. Gixxer 1K
2. YZF R1
3. CBR 954

I have my reasons to both want and shy away from each of these bikes...and I cant make a decision due to things I have read (maybe too much) about each of these bikes. Maybe you guys can help me along with the decision making process with some opinions on what I should get...thus a poll. Of course some text on why you think I should choose one over the other is helpful too!

I am sure that a lot of you guys think that I should have put a choice in the poll for a Rebel 250...too bad!:twofinger
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Each one is incredible. Pick the one that moves you, the one you can't get out of your mind.

For me, I like the silver black 954, but the sliver black R1 is hot, still I think I like the 954 more.
well if i had to pick out of the 3 gsxr1000 would be the one!!
the the mods can be lazy and not have to change your screen name :twofinger
D All of the Above
i really like the 954's styling

OK m, andy, I p[iceked the gizxcxxer 1000. I dfunno why, but tha bike fuckin' does it fort me. You dhould get one! Ta dA! dAMn i"m gonan have to delete this later. Thasnks for driving, CHRISD! :twofinger :finger :D :D
If I had to make that chioce the r1 would be out due to the fact that it is a ball buster to ride. It would be a toss up between the other too. I like the reliability of the honda, but suzuki has more soul. Screw it get the 1K... :D It does better wheelies than the beemer :twofinger :twofinger
Re: !

maks said:
OK m, andy, I p[iceked the gizxcxxer 1000. I dfunno why, but tha bike fuckin' does it fort me. You dhould get one! Ta dA! dAMn i"m gonan have to delete this later. Thasnks for driving, CHRISD! :twofinger :finger :D :D
I voted for the R1 because it screams JUMP ON ME CURB MONKEY!

Max, evidently your groove doesn't extend to the keyboard, you typing with your forehead again? :laughing

KBOlsen said:

Chicks dig it.
nuff said.
Gixxer because I want the 954 and R1.:twofinger
Don't get a red and black Gixxer. You know how rumors start.
954, then you can make Steve and me nutzo with the new bike Jones. Of course, we will both say that the 929 is more than enough especially after all the goodies we have dropped into ours and has a better swing arm for the track, but it's all bs. I'd rather have a new 954.

But a little more seriously, it depends on what you are planning on doing and how well each bike fits your big frame. If this is primarily a street ride (Really, they are all too much for the track), I'd stick with the 954. The bike is just so well sorted out and intuitive in doing almost everything. Plus it's ability to change lines without thinking is a huge plus. The R1 can be a literal pain in the butt. The Gixxer is way cool with serious poser value and is truely a great machine. Ass much as I love my 929, I'm even tempted. All 3 have great fit and finish. I personally trust Big Red the most, but all are great.

So in reading this, I see that once again I am no help at all. I never really expected to be. The choice is your's big man. I can't wait to see what you get.
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Bear in mind the seating position and configuration. Do you fit well on all 3 bikes? Or can one or two be eliminated just cause you don't fit on it well.
And the winner is....954!

Really amazing bike, it probably would make the slowest clumsiest rider look like a GP star, it REALLY likes to turn. Sure is interesting not wrestling with my bike anymore. Totally awesome brakes too, just need to be careful lifting the back end off the ground at 60 mph, very easy to do on this bike. Plus added poser points for awesome styling and LED tail lights:D Speaking of tail lights...I have reports that they are truly mesmerizing when the brake is on...something about "I cant judge distance with that thing on"....look out guys, you thought the Curse of the Rabbit was bad...wait until my bike starts hypnotizing you and causing you to do things you dont want to do:D

Bruce and Chris...excellent points. Out of all of them the 954 fit me best and turned my crank on the visuals, and the Honda quality and reliability thing was also a very big selling point.

And here it is...
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Oooooooo she's perty.
Damn, congratulations homes! :D
Way to go Andy! I can't wait to see your new toy!
Ride it well. I'm sure you will be happy with it.

See you later,


BTW, I rode in today and Steve is coming by to do some w*&k (Since it is the Summer of Steve we can't say the "W" word. :p) on my web server. We were going to tool around after work. Are you going to be out and around later?
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