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I need advise on preferred breast size (this is serious!)

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Well guys, here is your chance to offer me suggestions on set up and specifications! For the last 30 plus years, Bikeless Chick has also been Breastless Chick. I have made a huge, life changing decision to get breast augmentation. Just wondering what the boob of choice is these days.

After reviewing all of your helpful comments and suggestions, I will provide you with details of my final decision.
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Well I have never met you so I have no clue what you look like. Throw up a pic. You gotta do it in proportion.
That is a good point. Sorry that I don't have a picture to put up, but I am 5'9", 130 lbs. Currently I wear the smallest bra that you can buy, 32A!

I promise to post a (fully clothed) before and after shot!
well ok guys flame away BUT!!!

i think i am the pro at this...most of my wife g/f's are pretty open with me..and they got breast implants...i have both felt and seen good jobs and bad jobs.

a couple tips i can give...(DONT GO CHEAP)

without a pic to see your frame size....hips to shoulder relation and width side makes it a little harder...but i would suggest

36b/c not a full C but just short of it.
go threw the belly button and under the breast mussle from what ive seen they are the most natural looking and feeling...PLUS you wont get that wrinkle pulling dropping breast look when you lean over naked. or when in a 2 peice.

tips..try not to sleep on your side when after the surgery it promote off camber healing.

DONT play with them to much or wearing TIGHT fitting tops till after a few months maybe 5.

and what ever you do make sure this is something that YOU want NOT anyone else...they must be for you and not for others.

NOTHING wrong with a small breasted woman....and TO ME TO BIG of breast on a small woman...looks stupid.

go in proportion to your frame and side profile...they even have fake gel bras to help you determain the size your thinking.
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How did I know Ody would chime in.....LMAO

I'd say a 40 D-cup would be about right.... BOUNCY BOUNCY BOUNCY :) LMAO

And MAKE SURE your nipples are pointing the right way!!!! Preferably a bit up and out for the nice full yet PERKY look.
sheesh Ken sounds like an expert. I would have to disagree with him on one point. A full C should look great on someone of your size. My wife hates me for it cause she's on the small side, although it's not that bad since she's like 5'5" 115lbs, but I love implants. She'd probably get them but she's got some cancer problems in her family and doesn't want to do anything that has a possibilty of increasing her chances. Good luck!!!
Ok I'm changing Oddy's screen name to Dr. Boob :D
KBOlsen said:
:D :D :D Your little .02cents is cracking me up today:D
somebody get a picture of lupi and chop his head off, then you've got her build. just a visual not a complete comparison so be nice bikeless.
as for what i think well i agree with my wife 34b, although i think i'd get a bike before a boob job but thats just my opinion.
by the way i wanna feel them when there done!! wife say its ok!!:D
34 large B, small C. In that range. Good luck!!!!

i wanna see em when they are done.
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Odysseys said:

DONT play with them to much

Me, or her????
if she has lupi;s frame...then 36-38b

that should look very appealing
Jeff with a J said:
Odysseys said:

DONT play with them to much

Me, or her????
That might be somekind of Chinese torture for you bud!!!:D
Wow! I knew that I could count on you guys (and gals!) to help me out.

I truly don't know what to do. The statistics show tht 40% of all woman who go through this procedure go back for a larger implant. I guess if you are going to do it, but do it right!

Ody, all in all, are your wife's friends happy with them? Would they do it over again? Or do they regret it, like getting a tattoo that you should have thought about a bit more before preceding....?
Well cant you get them set up so that they can be pumped up or down till your happy with the size? I know I've seen that on TV somewhere.

And yes I know everyone's envisioning a reebok pump on a bood, but I'm serious. :D
Michael said:
me personally, i like about a DD :D

but ..........

if given the choice between a natural A cup, and fake DD's, i'd choose the A cup every day of the week .. and twice on sunday. I can't stand fake boobs.

no offense to you. you have to do whatever makes you feel better. my opinion means absolutely dick to your situation, but you asked for it .. so you got it :D
No offense taken. I wouldn't have put this post up if I was easily offended! I want to hear your opinions. This is a major decision and I want to hear your thoughts....why do you like fake boobs?
JimGoFast said:
by the way i wanna feel them when there done!! wife say its ok!!:D [/B]

Rocky may say okay, but you will need to speak with Jeff!
JimGoFast said:
although i think i'd get a bike before a boob job but thats just my opinion.

You are correct....that's one mod you don't need.....your boobs are fine! :D :D :D
Some guys just dont like them, Me personally, as long as I get to play with them, I dont care whats in them :D :D

Speaking in general of course, not about yours :D
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