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and didn't win the championship. Especially with the $$$ they throw at their GP effort.

This absolutely blows my mind.

C&P'd from Motomatters,

It is likely to be the Hondas that dominate, though. Even Stefan Bradl of the LCR team has been quick at the Island. The secret, according to Cal Crutchlow, is Honda's seamless gearbox, the 650,000 euro unit which allows gear changes to be done much more quickly and without upsetting the bike. "Coming out, we can't change gear with any spin, so if our bike is spinning we have to keep delaying and rolling the throttle," Crutchlow told reporters. Phillip Island consists of many fast corners where gear is being changed while leaned over. This is where the Honda is gaining the time: unlike the Yamaha, the Honda men can shift gear without upsetting the rear, smoothing the acceleration and making it easier to keep the power on through the fast, flowing corners.

650,000 euros= $ 839,013.68 USD for just the gearbox!!!
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