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I'm working on some t-shirt pricing

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I need to know what size you are and how many shirts you would want. I have to come up with an aprox count to see what kind of deal they will give me.

I am working with a designer who is doing some awesome work for us.
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Two in Large, please.
one plz. XXlarge.
1 xl pour favor:D it preshrunk cotton or the regular Hanes stuff?


I would like one in XL

one in large plz
I'd take one in large, I guess. :)
different colors black/white? ill take 2 xxl or one if only one color
anything smaller than a large?

ah nevermind, I can always wash the hell out of it in hot water. :laughing

2 Large(s) pls
Cool, If you know someone that hasnt resoponed to this make sure and tell them to look at it.

I just got an update, of the artwork a minute ago and it's lookin nice. I think you guys are gonna like it.
1 if 1 Color T

2 if 2 Color T's

XXXL Tall Im not planning on getting smaller in the near future.
i think it goes without saying ill take a few...YA GOTTA REPRASENT! LIKEA SLITZ MALT LIQUA!!!!
Put me down for 2
- - size XL - -
I'll take a Medium (make sure they are long enough to stay tucked )

Put me down for one..........XL or 2 if your gettin 2 different colors
Hmm, I'll take one Large in each color please. Unless you are getting more than 2 or 3 colors.. :)

One lg possibly 2.
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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