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Integrated Garage Door Opener

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Hey, I ran across this last night. Motofx Its a unit you plug into your bike and it will allow you to pull into your driveway, flash your high beams, and the garage door will open. Looks kool. Personally I have a small garage door opener on my keychain. It is a bit of a pain. Flashing the lights would be easier.
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or get a small remote like i have and mount it on your bike out of site, ofcourse this does require you to take your hand of the throttle:rolleyes all for 10 bucks!!;)
Yep saw it in Motorcyclist. Never said I was goin to do it just thought it was neat. $75 is wacked. My garage door opener came with a keybob opener so I'm not about to spend the $$$ need it for Sept 22 BHF
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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