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Iowa...we came, we saw, and then we all wheelied into a cop car.

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HoooBoy, what a ride. Headed out west with a bunch of clowns and ended up in the Missisippi River. Kind of wet in there, and the 954 doesnt run too good on water either. And now for some photos of this excursion....

On the way there, we thought it would be a good idea to save on the tire wear during the long boring "sport touring" sections of the ride...front tires arent cheap you know!
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Lets take a peek over that hill...maybe there are some cops hiding there we can get into a chase with...
Fred...did you know that the new R1 makes a great stunt bike? The Black and Silver ones do really nice wheelies, since youre selling yours, here is what you should get next!
Oh yeah, back to the trip report...after a while that Kawasaki that was on the ride decided to fall apart. Seems when they built it they decided to use some ZX9R parts or something as it was really slow and things were falling off of it. Man, that was a bitch pushing it off the line so the puny ZX9 motor they put into that ZX12 could move under its own power! The final straw came when a bolt holding the upper fairing support came flying off hitting me in the head causing me to pass out and ride into the Missisippi River. Damn Kawasakis!
Of course later on the ride it got a little hot, so we ditched our gear and bought some wifebeaters that were on sale at WallyWorld. Now we were really cool and stylish! We hung around that parking lot for a while trolling for fat chicks to ride with us...and we all had some real cushy backrests for the rest of the trip.
A big thanks to Brian for stopping to pick up all the parts falling off the bikes. Brian is a really smart guy...he hooked up a shopping cart to his bike to hold all the bike parts that he gathered in his travels.
Here is the poor Kawasaki owner fixing his bike...
After a while he said screw this, and headed over to this place. 30 minutes later he was riding out on a new Harley (TM) FLSKWID Road Hazard.
Oh, you guys want the non- :bs version of today's ride to the Missisippi River/Galena/parts beyond? Well here ya go!

Great ride guys, excellent roads and company. Hope to do it again real soon! Here is a group shot of the crew, minus me since I had to hold the camera...
That was a great ride. Good meeting you guys. I like the pics too.:)
I don't have the words. Nice job. I love my new Hardley. For being posers, you guys were alright too.:twofinger

Hope we can do it again soon. Jerry

PS I lost more bolts on the way home. I knew I should have gotten a Honda.
Great time, guys. Just remember next time not to follow layne (sp?), even if he does have a GPS:laughing. Next time we'll bring a chase vehicle stocked with Kawasaki parts for Jerry, and things should go smoother. Had a great time, hope to do it again soon. Seeya later..........

Motobeagle said:
. I knew I should have gotten a Honda.

Damn i feel good :rofl :evil
I guess I have been demoted from tour leader to the "tag along and keep yer mouth shut" guy. In my defense though, I never saw those roads before. LOL It was a great time, just the same. Funny thing is, my 12 lost one of the same bolts that Jerry's did the first time I rode with Sunny, Ernie and Lupi. Luckily, I was close to home. Can't wait to do it again. BTW, I ran into that drag racer on the ZX-6 on the way home.
looks like you all had a good time. kool pics and captions. and knock on wood, my 9R hasn't lost any parts that wasn't my fault to begin with.

To answer your question. The ride was great. R1 boy is "the" stunt man. The group was a bunch of great guys, and they all (with exception of Layne) looked great in my rear view mirror.

Got my bolts, bring it on. :jester
Got my bolts, bring it on.

If I ever get another bike I will bring it on.. I likes the ride.. sounds like an adventure this time.. Tim dont worry I am working on my launches... well I was......

See yall again.. and Jerry.. I might be old and slow.. but have Busa will travel.. he he he
wolfgang said:
[BWas this ride report all fact? All fiction? Or a mixture of both? [/B]
Depends which hallucination I am having now....but I am pretty sure that there is a new Harley owner around this board and I saw some catfish swimming in my gas tank:jester

Ya sure ya aint just dreamin of riding bitch on a hardly again???????
Motobeagle said:

To answer your question. The ride was great. R1 boy is "the" stunt man. The group was a bunch of great guys, and they all (with exception of Layne) looked great in my rear view mirror.

:bs :bs :bs :bs :bs
Don't even think I'm gonna let that know my mad skillz are too much for ya. can't see me a mile behind you in your mirror you big silly :laughing

When we goin again?
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