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It happens... right?

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I don't know what to say really. I'm kind of upset, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Just so you all don't have to wonder too much, I hit a big puddle of oil in the parking lot at night braking (front brake only). Bike slid 5-10 yards, hit a median, flipped over that a couple times into another street, slid a couple more yards and then hit another curb. Here come the pictures.
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The good side.
The good side again.
From the front. Ouch?
Front and side.
The bad side again.
Side and back and damn this sucks.
Front, a bit closer.
Tail section. Notice I'm still repping CLSB, although I guess it might be a bad thing.
Closer up on the front area.. Take a look at the frame.. I dunno if the damage shows as much as in person though.
Another crappy picture, sorry.
The mess I left.
Here's where the bike hit the curb the first time, I guess.
There, that's all. I guess I just wanted to share with you all, so feel free to comment. I'm upset, needless to say. Bye.
uicsux said:
are u ok max?
Sorry, I guess I forgot to mention this. I was wearing my helmet, JR Reactor jacket, JR Phoenix gloves, jeans, and Teknic Lightning boots. Guess what's hurt. My knees are scraped pretty badly--I actually took pictures of that too, but didn't wanna gross you guys out. I've also got a bit of a scrape on my ass, but it's not really that bad. My left palm has some scrapes on it where it wore through my gloves and above that at the end of my left thumb is a small scrape. Other than that, I'm okay. I'm upset though.
Shit.... OMG.... full moon, weird shit happens. I'm glad you are Ok, the bike is done... you need a new ride dude, they can't fix that.

I took a picture of my bruise too but I think it will look better tomorrow :rolleyes when it's all purple, green, blue and black.

I'm so glad I wore my leather pants today.
Dude I am so sorry about your bike. It looks like my '99 F4 ( Yellow and black) after I hit a curb goin 45-50 mph, mine was totalled. So go do what I did, buy a newer better bike with in a week.:thumbsup Glad your ok bud, thank god for:helmet .


1 - 20 of 107 Posts
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