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ITS ABOUT time the fucken site came up

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sorry guys.....i spilled a pop on my computer:rofl
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figures leave it to Schrek to Cry Havok on our little ole site.

Someone call in the guards. To the dungeon with ya.:jester
Maybr Tony needs to up the limit on the Credit Card...:laughing :twofinger
Actually it turned out to be a MySql error hey were having and they shut down a bunch of site to repair the issue.
Michael said:

nice of them to make you look like wrong doers by saying the site was "suspended" :rolleyes
Exactly. that was pretty shitty of them. But oh well it's back up and they do have some of the fastesst servers out there for a BB right now. Especially at thier prices.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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