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Jetting n Dynotuning Results

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I went in to 4&6 with a K&N Filter, and a full YOSH (no jet kit).

That ran at 109 HP.

They installed the Dynojet Stage 1 and dynotuned her last week.

Now running 119.3 HP.

I will post the dyno chart when i get a digital pic of it, but the 750 runs like a COMPLETELY different bike now. Hell, it even idles now without me having to blip the throttle every couple seconds. :laughing

Well worth the money! Thanks Jim and Shawn!!!!! :thumbsup
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WOW good deal..they must have that bike fucken maxed tuned
Damn....if my next attempt at the carbs does not do well, I'm just gonna drop the F**ker off and let them at it...:laughing
that thing is sweet! i want to switch up on the street now! my loop around the parking lot wasn't enough for me. :p
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