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JimGoFast BBQ

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Well, since I'm being a party pooper and the party is still going on I get to be the first to post. Thanks to Jim & his wife (I'm awful with names) for the hospitality of putting this on. It was great to see everybody.

Also, thanks to Jack for getting the poster made for Andy. It turned out great!

And thanks to Ken for organizing the collection and arm wrestling. Sorry about wussing out but the last time I arm wrestled my arm hurt really bad for a couple of months. I thought I had ripped a tendon or something. That sucked!

Cherrypicker test drove just about every type of bike there. Things are probably going to get expensive after Cherry riding the Gixer 1K.:D
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hey that was a fucken assome time..YOU RULE JIM!!!

great party!!!!

ill post some pics later in the pic forum, give me a few hours
P.S. i just added this info on the other thread..but we raised $1,358.00 !!!!!

thanks everyone
ok well since troy posted pics here ill just post em here too;)

some of the line up of bike
this guy almost took my arm off (shh dont tell him but he was cheating;) :laughing )
michael & (loudes13?...i never get his name right i think?)
Mr. Sercurity with a stupid ass look:laughing
the slow group got back from there ride...humm it only took us like 35 minutes?..and they were gone for like an 1hr+, maybe they went for ise cream?:evil
kevin...hope you dont kick my ass over this:laughing
but i had to get you since you woke up the last time at moto178 bar b que party...lmao
kevin, after his HORRIBLE dream, buzbyu's wife, cherrypicker, brian and mark...notice how mark has some extra feeling going into his salute:laughing
1 - 20 of 155 Posts
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