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just a thought

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ok I know this has probley been said but have you guys ever thought about adding a chat function??? just curious :D
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It's been discussed but you lose a lot of the community feeling with that. Since what ever is said is gone just as quick. This way posts are there for everyone to see No matter when they get on.

But we do use AIM a lot and start chat romms in there occasionly when we get bored :D
Good thing I can't have chat on my work AIM client....negative work would get done...:laughing

All talking about Ken's Sock, or something.....:laughing
Y2KR1 said:
All talking about Ken's Sock, or something.....:laughing
You might just be amazed how accurate that statement is. :D
Loookout.... here comes the SOCK MONSTER!!!:p
ROFLMAO Everybody knows you to well Ken :D :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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