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Just bought a battery for a bike at AutoZone...

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was 30$, with a 6$ core charge....not too bad....

Now I seem to remember paying 70+ last year for a battery fot the 900RR at Batteries Plus......wonder what the difference is?:confused

Both have Acid you need to add (not sealed batteries) :confused
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Oh yeah...and while we were stranded with a dead battery last summer on 75th street....we saw 30+ sportbikes go by, not even a wave.....but 2 cruiser bikes stopped and asked if we need help...:laughing :twofinger
Not bad, I just paid 50 something for mine at a different auto parts place. Honda wants over $100. :mad Yes I was a dumb shit and left the key on after a track day when the bulbs were pulled. I had to add h2o too. It seems to be fine, but I will check Auto Zone next time as my wife's bike needs one. And a big time carb cleaning. I know I should do9 it, but I'm too lazy and she hardly rides it.
$30 is not too bad. I paid about that much getting it at cost from Interstate. I think they sell them at WalMart too, something to keep in mind if you ever need one in a pinch. How long do bike batteries usually last anyways? I'd rather replace it once every couple years than get stuck somewhere.

I doubt it was the top of the line, but it will do fine in my 600:D
it was for my 93 suzuki 600....was in storage for a couple years...needed a new battery
well, i think i wanna do a little pm and change the battery in the superhawk. is auto zone still the best place to go?
well it looks like AutoZone raised their prices. They wanted $50 for the battery. I can get it for that much online from a motorcycle battery dealer for that price!

anyone have any other suggestions?
Kruz said:
You were stuck? Just bumpstart it.
Damn Kruz I did that for 9 months:D I didn't want to put a new battery at the end of the I bumped started 2 or 3 times a was hell in late July:rolleyes 90 degrees, I was 45, I'm glad I run on the machine almost everyday.
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