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Just PASSED my Liscense Test

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Well after a year and a half I'm finally legal :D . Big thanks to Oddy for the lessons. I went last night and practiced and I was consistently going through the cones and doing the u-turn without screwing up at all but today I guess I got nervous and put my foot down a few times and missed one cone but the instructor was cool so he "didn't see" a couple of the mistakes. I think he was more looking just at general riding abilities like starting and stopping smoothly than he was at the swerveorama that's involved in taking the test. Anyways, thanks again Ken for the lessons, I probably wouldn't have my liscense otherwise.

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Great Job Ryan! So will we be seeing out out and about again?
:cheers cool now you can make the bikebar run tonite!!!:cheers j/k, but congrats!!! hope to see you on a ride out here soon!:thumbsup
Congrat!!!! your legal to ride all over the place.....:laughing :twofinger
:D hey man thank YOU...for letting me help someone...i am glad my little lesson helped you and i am more then happy to help anyone that needs some more coaching;)
YOU DA MANNNN!! :D :D Congratulations, I know it's one hell of a good feeling when they tell you you passed after being all nervous taking the test and crap. That's how I was, at least. :D
Congratulations!!!! Woohooo!!:thumbsup :thumbsup
:thumbsup Cungratz Bro :thumbsup
Congrats Ryan! Way to go!!!:cheers

Well its about time. :D Seriously, congrats.:cheers
Now just make sure you ride more than me....:laughing
Y2KR1 said:
Now just make sure you ride more than me....:laughing
I was riding more than you before I had my liscense :laughing . Thanks for all the congrats :D .

Congrats Ryan!!!
Dude, that's great!!! Welcome to M-Class :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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