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Lean on the Dragon August 16th-18th

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Anyone plan on heading out to Deal's Gap event that weekend?
Myself and 2 friends are planning on going. It sounds like a great time and lodging is pretty cheap! <$120 for more details!
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i would like to go sometime...but i dont see it soon. plus i would like to go with a few choice guys i know that can handle it.

plus too, not to throw shit....but i found it funny that at the end it says

Lean on the Dragon is promoting this event for sport riders to enjoy the local roads safely. Safe and lawful riding will make this event better for everyone. Please come with the proper attitude.
and looks at the pics...ive never been there but i douht there leaning that far and doing the speed limit. unless i am wrong...sorry:confused

but it is cool someone is trying to organize stuff like this
holy crap, the price skyrockets in the summer.

I stayed at Fontana Village in the Spring. I think back in May I paid for a cabin room with two double beds and a fireplace and had it all to myself for only $69/day.

...that's right. now settle down and have another smoke Ody :rofl
One of these days I wanna get to the Gap. Just need to convince the boss.
I would think it's awfully damn hot there that time of year. The dragon is pretty well shaded, but eventually you have to stop.September's usually a little better.

For those who haven't been to the gap before, take the trip. Or on second thought, you may not want won't want to ride on our flat straight roads again. You get spoiled.
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