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Leather's ?

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I need some opinions. I'm looking to get a two pice to do mostly street duty and some track days. I was thinking Joe Rocket High Side or the comparabel tecknic. I posted in general, but I think a lot of you guys with leathers just hang out in here. Kim, was kind enough to mention she had heard questionalbe things about those two suits. What do you all have, and what do you think of what you got, and other suits out there?

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well i got a danese(sp?) T-AGE suit..dont know if ya wanna spend 1200+ bucks BUT i got a crash out of it...probably flew off doing 65-70mpr at R.A. i went flying tumbling and sliding threw pee gravel. but the suit looks like i did nothing to it really...and i wasn't even mildly sore for 20 minutes..just in time for the next session
here's a good general info on leathers link:

My thoughts? You'll be fine as long as you get something with double stitching in the critical areas, decent thickness and quality of leather, and CE approved armor. You can spend between 400-2000$ to get a combination of features/quality/looks that will all survive at least one crash.

check out 's clearance section, that's where I got mine from - great deals on Dianese
I got a Joe rocket high side suit for occassional track days. and what I thought would be strret riding....(at least the jacket on my 2 piece). It's a decent suit, fits nice...

However my opinion is don't get a 2 piece, get a 1 piece. on then 2 piece, if i where the jacket only in a hunched over tuck, the jacket rides up my back about halfway which is useless, so I only use it fully zippered with the pants on the track only.
Same here. If I were to do it again, 1pc instead of 2pc. Reason is the same. The Idea of wearing the jacket without the pants is not very good. its too short in the torso to get good coverage. But for the occasional track day, my JR Highside has worked out well.
See I was thinking 2 piece so I'd have some more options as far as what pants I wear, and what jacket I wear. Plus If I'm not at the track and stop somewhere to eat or somthing I can take the jacket off and not walk around with a midget sitcking out my back.

So let me get this stright, the jackets are way too short to wear without some type of riding pants, ie no jeans? How about Joe Rocket balistic pants, would they come up high enough, and zip togeather If I had a zipper stiched in? Steve, don't you do that sometimes?

I need to find someone aorund her with this shit so I can look at it myself, tayping about it isn't gonna get me naywhere.

Thanks though.
how close are you to the twin cities? Doesn't dennis Kirk have an outlet there? They carry joe rocket and alot of others...go there and try some on, both with it zipped together and without it zipped and seperated
Dennis kirk is about an hour away. Thanks for the idea.
JoeRocket Speedmaster jakcet and of the line 2 piece. About $650 if you shop around ($800 retail). It held up great in my lowside at Blackhawk. Full GP armor, both full and half zipper, not short in back as most so you can wear it w/out pants. Removable liner.

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Nick 600 F3 said:
How about Joe Rocket balistic pants, would they come up high enough, and zip togeather If I had a zipper stiched in? Steve, don't you do that sometimes?
yeah - it used to ride up a little when I tucked until I started wearing a back protector...

the nice thing about wearing the JR ballistic pants is that you can easily take them off and wear jeans or shorts comfortably underneath.
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