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lights question

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i was riding from work today to the gym and both my highbeams started to work. for awhile now one of the lights went out. now all of a sudden both are working. could it be a loose wire. did this happen to anyone else? it seems strange. i don't know. opinoins please. thanks in advance.
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The simplest place to check is the plugs on the back of each bulb. Are they tight? You may also have a defective bulb. Sometimes a broken filament can cause a bulb to go out, but if it is bumped, and the filament sort of "re-attaches" itself, t can come back on. This is kind of unususl, and unlikely, but anything is possible.

Just out of curiosity, is it the right side bulb(as you sit on the bike)?
it was the left rice rocket. i mean my low beams were still fine. then i saw my relection on the car in front of me. and saw both light on pretty weird. yesterday i freaked out about the battery leak info i've been hearing and checked my battery. disconnected it and looked for cracks and anything that didn't look normal, then put the battery back in. this morning there was only one light working. after work still the same. took 53 south to higgins and at the exit saw that both were working.
sounds like a loose wire.
I had the same problem with my 929RR. It ended up being a problem with the back of the bulb... The spring wasn't as tight as usuall so the rubber seal was seperating the connection.
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