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Look Mom, No Brakes!

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On Saturday I pulled out the ZX for some routine maintenance, Oil change, and clean the brakes. When I pulled the pads I discovered about 1.5 mm of pad left...YIKES:( I started the phone hunt for some EBCHH and found two places, The Zone and 4 & 6 with them on hand although I can't make it to either 'til today, 4 & 6 is $10.00 per set cheaper!!:) :)

I'm glad I found out this way instead of on the track:thumbsup
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at least you wernt doing 135mpr down hill into a sharp off camber corner..with no breaks getting highsided in pee gravel doing some IDIOT i saw over at road america:laughing
I'm not sure if that goes for parts, at least these. His price was in-line with track-side vendors so I'm not going to question it. But if I was getting service...... I know that those guys aren't really interested in selling parts and accessories since their a race-shop, I consider it a good will gesture.
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