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Does anyone know of a good machine shop in the Western Suburbs? I used to go to a guy in Streamwood (JDM Fabricators) but much to my dismay, when I went there today the place is closed.

I'm looking for a place to do basic engine machining like cylinder boring, valve jobs, maybe some pipe bending, etc. I know there are a ton of small little industrial areas in Streamwood, Elgin, Carol Stream, etc.

Anyone happen to know of a local shop? Thanks


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Speed Products in Oak lawn.
Win Racing in Naperville. (That who does all my machine work. He doesn't do it in house but has local guy do it and haven't any problems with all of our motors or head work)
I don't anyone in the Streamwood area now Mark has moved.

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is this atl Tad?.... welcome to the site!....hope ya enjoy your stay....let them know about your exciting travels! we NEED guys like you and your imput to the board.....:bow :robewizar :cheers:

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Weimer Machine
(708) 749-3420
6738 Ogden, Berwyn

Never dealt with them but they have been in business for a long time and I've heard only positive things about them.
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