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MDA Freedom Ride July 20, 2002

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Ok Chicago, last year I rode up to Wisconsin to ride in the MDA freedom ride, and I had a blast. It is @ 100 mile ride through some great roads in Wisconsin. They close off all the cross roads and have corner workers all through out the course to point out stuff in the road.

The ride is so well planned you can ride without gear because of the corner workers.:cheers There are two stop one for lunch and the end of the ride. It is worth the ride!:thumbsup

Here is the link for more information

Who is with me? I will have a meeting place and time setup in a few days.:helmet :cheers
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Well here are the plans for the MDA ride.

Meet to ride to Wisconsin (Sauk City)

When: July 20, 2002 (Saturday)
where: Streets of Woodfield at Starbucks
Time: 7:30 A.M. kickstand up at 8:00 A.M.
CellPhone: 708-205-0467

The ride to the Sauk City is about 2.5 hours or 160 miles. Once we get there we registar and ride LaRue Wisconsin through the back roads.:cheers

What makes this ride so cool is that evey cross road is cut off and there worker along the route to point out things in the road. The ride is so well put together, you can ride without your gear!:cheers :cheers :cheers

This link talks about the ride and shows what the events are.

This link shows the route that we will be riding. Yeah BABY!!!!!!!

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Just my luck...I would love to go, but I'm getting married on that day. With all the confusion with wedding plans, I thought this ride was on the 27th. Well, let me know how it turned out.:D
I've got a bachelor party to go to. Cant make it.
I have to check this weekend's schedule. I think I have a bbq somwhere in there. If I can't make it(I'll try and know by Wed.) I am taking this map down and am running it soon. That looks sweet as hell!

I might have to polish my cat's claws and then maybe dust the doorjambs that day, if I can get out of taking Auntie Mildue to get her hair done that day I might be able to blow off the other chores as well too, cant decide, errr, ahhh, uhhhh:jester

Seriously, this looks very interesting, let me see how the weather pans out closer to the weekend, if it looks good count me in, I should be able to get my butt moving early enough for that.
Michael said:

pfft .. skip it .. she'll understand :D :evil :evil
That has got to be your best one yet!!!!:jester :jester :jester

bro i have to work saturday mornin or id be there!!
Big bump!!!!!

Ride is Saturday and we're trying to get a headcount. Do we have any definatels yet?????
:( sorry bill i cant get a dog sitter for my boy. so i guess i have to stay close to home this weekend.

you guys have fun..and take it easy out there.:D

thanks for the invite though bro.
I"ll be at sow
Alright, the ride is on for Saturday. If I have not heard from you you can call my cell phone if you are going to be late in the morning.:nono

have fun for me god watch over all you guys;)
Thanks Ken.:cheers Ok I am up let's hit the road folks. I will report when I get back.:D
OK Bill, where's the report?

I would think you should be back by now!

I need etails on who all the peeps were! (i.e. Screen Names)

I'm pretty sure I have YZFRabbit figured out though :laughing
Fat Kat said:
OK Bill, where's the report?

I would think you should be back by now!

I need etails on who all the peeps were! (i.e. Screen Names)

I'm pretty sure I have YZFRabbit figured out though :laughing
It wasnt me, I wasnt there! Must have been that other Rabbit guy!:jester
Um, yea, that's it...the OTHER Rabbit with a 954 AND an R1150R!

It was good to meet everyone.

We'll have to get together and ride sometime without:

A.) 3000 Harleys in the way.

B.) A Monsoon!

Now, who were the other guys? Or were they CSBA only?
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