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Mid-Ohio Races July 26-29

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I'm currently in the process of putting together a trip to the AMA races at the Mid-Ohio Road Course the weekend of July 26-29. I plan on riding out there on Friday and returning on Monday. If anybody else is interested in going please let me know and I'll see what kind of arrangements we can get out there.

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Oops Sorry should have probable posted that huh. The track is located in Lexington, OH and is about 375 miles from Chicago. Ride time will all depend on numerous factors ;) But I do plan on using the whole day on Friday and Monday to do the traveling
Mid Ohio is pretty nice, they put up with bikers for a week or so each year, but they cater more to cars. Besides that, it's fun. I rode out there last year on the XX, went pretty smooth, camped at the track, the facilities were good. The track is good, lots of neat places to watch and a usually a big turnout.

Besides the thunderstorm on the way back and lane splitting my way through Chicago, the trip was uneventful. I'd like to go again this year, but NESBA is at MAM that weekend.
Reservations made

Ok, I just made my hotel reservations and believe it or not I was able to find a room in Mansfield, OH (closest major town). Just happened to find a place with a cancellation. If anybody is interested let me know, I still have 2 spots available in the room.

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