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Midnight Tour July 13

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Anyone planning on doing this?
Registration 5 - 9:30 pm, ride generally leaves around 11. I think they are heading into the city this year.
Quite a kick, hundreds of bikes. Just watch out for who you are next to. There are always some crazies.
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Is this is the one that leaves from some children's academy from like Mt. prospect I think it is?

If so you got the web site link to get all the details.

I did this and a few others from here last year. It was VERY organized all traffic was blocked and flares were used to direct people when a turn was needed to be done.

the combo last year it seemed was 70%H.D. and 30% rockets
Lots of bikes, but the tour usually consists of riding down an expressway (boring). It starts at Maryville Academy on River and Central in Desplaines.
when i was there drinking like 3 beers at 1 time in woodstock...i didnt see to many idiots?

I did it last year. we left there from river rd and central. took rand rd to 294 to 90 west got off around 47? took rt20 to wild west town (in union?), where beer and food was waiting.

i will be out of town, not doing it this year.
I did it last year. My buddy and I were 2 of the last 10 or 15 bikes to leave at 4 am. we had a blast. And food and beer wasnt that badly priced considering you were a captive audiance. although the line for food was long and slow. Not sure yet if I'm doing it this year, but if I do it will most likly be on the cruiser. Not much of a ride to take advantage of a sportbike.
I'm considering going to the start for spectating- has anyone done this and is it doable?

There's no friggin' way I'm doing the parade though- I've heard too many negative comments about it deteriorating into a dangerous goat fuck.
I've always wanted to try this but keep getting turned off by the supposed "drinking" atmosphere. Seems it's like those guys that go TT racing (TT = Tavern-to-Tavern).

Pathetic that people need to mix drinking with riding to make it enjoyable.
For a brief few seconds I was considering bumming my dad's Harley off of him for the night to check this out - then someone mentioned alcohol. Just the mere *suggestion* that there will be alcohol involved makes this a complete turn-off for me. Nevermind :rolleyes
Ken Joe and I did this last year. Im not sure where you all get your info but there is no alcohol sold at the start. There is beer and yummys at the end but everyone leaves when they want, not together. It was actually a cool roadhouse type bar. I didnt see any dangerous stuff last year - other than the usual danger of following Harleys ! Id do it again but Ill be in Northern WI this weekend.

And someone at the start of this thread mentioned hundreds of bikes ? I think there was something like 5,000 last year. I may be off by a few but its way more than hundreds.
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