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misc. Hayabusa parts

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I have a PCII with all the software, the blue seat hump, a Second Look blue and silver tank bra, an upper triple clamp that allows the forks tubes to be slid through to lower the bike. All items are best offer. I wouldn't know how to price them.

I also have parts for a '92 GSXR 1100 if anyone needs something for the dinosaur.
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Which blue/silver was it? 2000 or 2001? Just curious about the second look tank bra. Also, I have a friend who may be interested in the triple clamps. Is it the stock triple clamp drilled out or is it aftermarket?
Oh,yeah. It was a 2000. The tank bra is mostly the blue color. The triple clamp is aftermarket from Schnitz Racing. You can see a picture on their site.
Hmmmmmm How much you want for the bra? I need a new one.
I got it as a gift but I think they are about $60-70. How about $30 and a couple CLSB stickers.
Opps sorry I didnt see this. Sounds like a deal to me. as long as it is good condition. Wednesday at strats maybe?
Do you still have the clamp? And if so how much?
I still have all the stuff. The clamp is $229 new. Is $125 fair? If not make me an offer.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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