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More sprocket stuff

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This is getting frustrating!:mad

So I call PM to discuss sources for sprockets. So first off, the guy says don't get the wheels I already got, get our new forged wheels...yada yada

Then he says that we have an exclusive agreement with Sprocket Specialists who makes only alloy sprockets.

After continuing to harp on the wheels I tell him I already have the wheels. Then he's like "Do you have the cush drive? 'Cause the turbo Busa will destroy the cush drive, even the stock one."

Then after he figures out I've already got the wheels he says the wheels will be ok and have been "race proven" for over 20 years, but they will wear out fast and only be good for around (get this) 6 seasons then they will need to be replaced.

So then he's like, "Get the direct drive, you don't want the cush drive. Oh, and you're going to be tearing up your transmission."

Then it's "Don't use O-ring chains! Don't use X-ring or Z-ring either because you will be blowing out the rings and the chain will fail dramatically."

Now I can understand why these people don't want to make promises about a turbo Busa, but how damn hard is it to answer a straight question like, "Who makes steel sprockets to fit your wheels."

Then he start in on how I show "go to a 630 chain and sprockets". Now correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't a 630 chain be huge? Would this fit without modifications?

So I talk to Sidewinder here locally who says very few companies are even making steel sprockets any more and that the current alloy sprockets are much stronger than a few years ago. They make stainless steel, tool steel, and titanium sprockets but only up to 520 (titanium) and not for the Busa. He said they could custom manufacture a sprocket of any size but again an alloy sprocket.

This guy said I should try the alloy sprocket before spending too much effort and money on a steel one. He thinks as a moderate rider I may find I'm happy with the alloy but replace more often.

Gosh this seems vaguely familiar!:mad

So far it seems few companies are making drive parts for the Busa and although they'll sell you theirs, they don't endorse or warranty their use on the big bore bikes like the Busa.

This really gripes me how hard it is to get answers on performance issues. I mean this is not quite rocket science. What the torque/horsepower? What material and what thickness is required for that much force?
:mad :mad :mad :confused
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i say screw them..use the cush drive...its better slowly wearing down a peice or HARD ass rubber then it is to destroy rims.

i dont see why its that big a deal to find steel sprokets...there all over the place.

does anyone have that site for sprocket specialist (sp?)

they have them...i even think kneedraggers has them.

hell even look into MAW

from there site you can find ALOT of companys.

good luck bro
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without a cushdrive, you'd probably be snapping chains and sprockets left and right.

Havign a high torque engine like a turbo busa is always going ot have problems like this. Try finding out what drag racers use. Did you call vortex to see if they have steel sprockets???
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