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Stoner is just an animal at P.I. What, a 9 second gap from Lorenzo? Obviously, Jorge was probably riding somewhat conservative to secure his championship, but still.

I was disappointed to see Pedrosa tuck it on lap 2. Damn kid has been riding flawless lately. Probably a little too conservative at the beginning of the season.
Would of liked to see it go down to the wire at Valencia.

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Did anyone think Ben's tweet was real or sarcasm? - What did Stoner do in FP that was such "pure class "?

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Very upset that Dani threw it away like that. Why he chose to attack so soon during the race instead of sticking to his usual stalk then take over plan of the past is beyond me. I think this was his last chance at a championship and now he'll never have the privilege of saying he was a champ. I never liked the midget but it still sucks to see him throw away his chance like that.

Jorge deserves to be champ again. The guy was so methodically consistent it was disgusting. I just can't stand his I'm-trying-really-hard celebration antics. Definitely lacks the "mantequilla" he tries to model himself after.

Stoner is ruthless. Enough said.

What's going on with Dovi? Did someone step on his pasta?

Bravo, Crutchlow. A well earned podium.

Now to watch the fun race--Moto2.
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