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Need a 2001 R6 battery quick

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Need it by Friday...any ideas? Anyone know the brand and model number?
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Call 4&6 they'll at least be able to tell you the part number, although they might not stock the battery.

I'm not sure anybody stock's the battery because they only last about 2 years since inception because of the way they are designed. So they don't have much of a shelf life.
I called a few places $90-110 dollars...ouch!! :mad

I guess it's a "special" gel battery.

What a bunch of Yamaha crap
damm thats almost a track day gone to waste.
$110 I know...
I think I left his ignition key on....all his lights are disconnected so I didn't even know it was on. I bumped started it alright and was riding it around to try to charge it up and then it ran out of gas :mad You'd think he'd leave some gas in it for me for wheelie practice

I had it on the charger all night and there was still no juice this morning. I think it's completely dead

What a POS these Yamahas are :mad
Remind me to stuff you in turn one...oh wait you're still a slowpoke. :D
Call Illinois Battery Manufacturing, (773) 478-2441
2453 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60618
you planning on racing both bikes? why can't you just swap your F4i battery out for the R6? is there something too special between the two?
Thanks...I saw that post...wrong battery. Anyway I got it to take a charge...started over after the typical Yamaha choke stutter. I still can't believe they are not fuel-injected.

Thanks all for the offers and is running.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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