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NEED HELP with setting your suspension? (i am offering to help)

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this saturday,
meet me at the gas city at weber rd off of hwy55 at 12Pm in romeoville.

things to bring. if you have them.

what ever size socket you need for your front preloaders.
what ever hook tool you have for your rear shock preload adjuster.
FULL tank of gas at the meeting spot.

ill bring my van with some tools to do it.

i need 2 guys to come atleast MINIMUM in order to do this.

have your full gear on that you want the bike dialed in for.

what we will do:? set the sag at 30mm with you on it (or 1/3 of its travel) (basic good agressive riding setting) and a MILD setting of the rebound and compression adjusters. from there you can fine tune yourself for what and how you ride. there are suggestions all over the web for general (what to do if the bike is doing this suggestions)

heres a them after the suspension day or ask me if ya want.

i have a good basic knowalage of what to do.
and am offering it to you guys for FREE.
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I am definitely interested. But why 12am? how bout 12pm? I dont have any tools, any suggestions of where I can get whats needed?
DOH shit 12am:rofl

i meant PM i think most guys know me by now

i think i got the stuff for the r-1
can we do another one sometime, I planned on being in boo foo Wi for thst MDA ride Sat

Damn...I just relalized something...something sounded familiar about that ride! Ding ding ding ding!;)
I might take you up on that. I'm pretty sure i know how to set the sag, but getting two ther people willing to do it with you is another story.

I just added an Öhlins rear shock and am going to send my forks out next month to get them reworked, so it may be a waste of time to do this, but it may be fun, and I might just learn something.

Email me your phone #.
Ken would you buy me a new Ohlins shock and have my forks traxxion dynamic'd for me for X-mas?:jester
Ken, if I weren't going skydiving on Saturday I definitely would....any other day I'm there.

hey not a problem far just 1 guy.

and rice rocket...if ya know already..not much your gonna learn. its simple. dialing it in is the hard part. and that up to each owners bike to do.
Well, I still think it's a nice offer and I'm going to try and get my buddy to head over there with me. I haven't dialed mine in yet for the lack of help/I'm lazy, and he should learn how it's done. It's a good excuse for a ride too.

I dont have a hook tool, but I am definately interested. I would really appreciate the help since I have never set my suspension yet.

My neighbor has been askin about this I'll tell him about it.

Also I may come just to give you a hand if you need.
ok looks like we got enough guys to help each other out lifting the bikes as i measure.

crazy...your neighbor better be on the board...i am NOT working on some harley:laughing
Odysseys said:
ok looks like we got enough guys to help each other out lifting the bikes as i measure.

crazy...your neighbor better be on the board...i am NOT working on some harley:laughing
:laughing :laughing :laughing

It's a ZX-7 and he kind of knows who you are. He's seen you around when he lived in highpoint. I'm trying to get him on the board but he drives a truck and doesn't have internet access. He probably won't even show, he's kind of funny like that.

I can't promise I'll be there on Saturday but I'm going to try to sneak out while my wife is getting ready for the wedding we have to go to. But if you guys need anything I'm right down the street.
Ken: you have enough people? I will still be there. I may be 5 minutes late tho. Ill check the board at 11:30 to see if its cancelled.

its not cancelled...looke like we got 4-6 guys..more then enough to do the bikes;)
I'm leaving now. Hopefully it won't take more than 1 hour to get there. :p
thanks alot ken.. the settings feel great.:D
thanks bro...just incase check this thread out
if ya got anything to ask or tell
Thanks a million, Ken. Other than the "righty tighty lefty loosy" thing, everything went very well. The bike feels real good, hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of the improvements.
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