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Need route for trip through Wisconsin

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I am planning on doing an overnight trip up into southwestern Wisconsin on Friday and Saturday. I have heard it is nice riding along the Mississippi River and around Praire du Chien. Does anybody have a good route for that area? I need a good loop starting from say just north of Chicago. Thanks.
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Others can help with super details. In general a good route is
Highway 20 west to the Mississippi river, then somehow get on highway 35 up to Prairie du Chien. 35 north of that is pretty lame. I can tell it was because I was keeping up with the big boys :laughing 35 has a nice WiDOT detour with some super duper sweepers.

The Minnesota side has highway 61. Good riding there too.
If you want to cross over to the Iowa side of the river then take 52 up to Prairie Du Chien. Highway 20 is a frustrating ride on the weekends due to mega traffic with infrequent chances for safe passing. But, it gets you to the fun roads and is a fairly straight shot. If you take 20 watch for Elizabeth Scales Mound Road just west of Elizabeth and take it north. At the first stop sign (about 15 miles) turn left on Stagecoach trail and head into Galena. Or, if you aren't busy Sunday, hook up with myself and Motobeagle (and posse). We are going all over that Mississippi River area. Let me know if you are coming along or want more directions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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