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Nesba Paddock BFR 7/6 & 7

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Where do us CLSBer's want to paddock this weekend? I'd like to get the spots next to the pavilion (snack bar etc) under the trees, 'cause it's gonna be hot!
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We're prob gona be by the tower. Got the RV and it has Aircontidioning. Yeah panzy ass but you'll think twice when you're sweating and Im not. :twofinger
I'm just going to go where I can find room. I figure I am going to sweat if I am in the shade or in the sun.

:eek:t Will anyone have a front stand there? I might have MD put some 208s for Grattan. Haven't decided yet.

Michael said:

why would we be sweating? we'll be in your damn RV too! :D
Get in line, im towing his bike so i get first dibs:twofinger
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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