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New helmet

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Well I called Shoei today and they said my RF-900 had only minor cosmetic damage to it. :)

I was really thinking about picking up a new lid, but I can't justify the cost. I like the following with the RC51...:D
RF-900 In black

In red




Whatcha guys think....?
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I like that first silver and red TC-1. As long as that red is close to the RC's red
Kruz said:
My vote

my vote....only because I like Matchbox's:D :D :D :D

otherwise I'm with Champ on this one!!!:cheers
I'm with Champ's vote too--the dragon is corny. :D
What do you all think of those new SHoei Syncrotec helmets that have the flip up feature?

It would be nice to be able to flip that up with one hand while Im screaming at some soccer mom that just cut me off. :mad

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don't think the flip-ups are SNELL or SNELL 2000 certified (or I'd get one).
Not trackable... but a sweet street helmet (no face plants!)!
the first one is cool, I like the dragon... black one
They are the same....:confused
DOT Approved only...:mad
Anna...I see...UR talking about the original post question on the best helmet.

I got my Shoei RF-900 back today...all is good just cosmetic scuffs.

I'm thinking about getting a new helmet...

You need to get on the board more often. :D
Kruz said:

i like this one. Is this a Duhammel rep?
Is this a Duhammel rep?

Problem is that orange dragon takes up the entire back of the helmet...
you should probably get the red one anyways, it would match the bike better and it is the one duhammel wears(and he is an rc51 rider). this is the one ernie had one when he went deer hunting.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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