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New here, just saying whats up

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Been lurking through the site for about a month now and finally decided to register. I usually ride around arlington heights/schaumburg area, looking forward to seeing some of you out. :twofinger

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:twofinger welcome Nick

lurking a month? are you a closet rider? glad you finally came out :laughing
:twofinger About time! :twofinger
:twofinger :twofinger Welcome :twofinger :twofinger
:twofinger Welcome!:twofinger
:twofinger welcome:twofinger

Earnie out of the closet????? Next Springer..
:thumbsup welcome to the site bro:twofinger
:twofinger Welcome aboard to the board.:twofinger
:twofinger WELCOME:twofinger
Hey welcome to the site bud. :cheers
Welcome :cheers :cheers
Welcome, dude. :thumbsup
:twofinger Welcome:twofinger
:twofinger Welcome 2 Da Board :twofinger
welcome :twofinger
thanks for all the warm and fuzzy welcomes guys:jester now where's a nice straight smooth road I can ride around here without having to worry about the fuzz or traffic?

Good luck, I spend most of my time in traffic school
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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