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ok last check opinions please

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About to take off the carbs and went to look at the prob again quick recap....

1. the idle control screw was disconnected when I hooked that up it brought the idle down some from 4k to 2k.

2.if I leave it sit and not touch anything it stays at 2k but if i give any throttle it jumps back up to 4k like a butterfly is sticking open or the throttle is not closing all the way.(tried adjusting choke and throttle cables)

goimg to clean really good and inspect see if it helps.

if you have any opinion of things I should look for let me know.:thumbsup
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make sure all the linkages and cables are flowing smoothly and is snaping back fast..maybe you dont have enough tension in the return pull springs...make sure all the butterflys are snapping back fast too. somewhere in there is probably your problem for the idle to stick that high once its set to a certain idle
If you can put the carbs close to stock settings, that might help out as well....I'm going over to help a guy from work on his 750 kat that does not run, and I'll pick up the repair manual I lent him (from my 93 600), it's sure to help:twofinger
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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