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Open letter to DGY

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To DGY Managment and staff,

Over the years we have had a long and prosperous relationship. I have bought 5 bikes and countless accesories from you guys and have sent everyone I know in to spend even more money in your shop. Ask Dan or Harry or Tim, when I am in the mood to spend mony DGY is always the first place I go...

...Until Now.

When Tony looked me in the eye yesterday and said that he could not budge on the price of my new helmet, I said fine, and gave up my credit card. Although, I truly hope getting every last dollar out of that helmet was extremly gratifying for you guys. Because it is the LAST dollar you will ever get out of me and anyone else I talk to about your store. I havent spent 13 years in your store spending countless dollars to be treated like some newbie squid off the street. I take that as a personal insult and I hold grudges for a very long time.

Yes I know exactly what the mark up is on an Arai quantum, and believe me you could have afforded to give me a measly 10% off or something just to make me a happy customer which would have given you a lot of good PR. All of my future buisness will now be with Woodfield, Hondahouse and Naperville Suzuki.

It's been Nice doing buisness with you,
Tony Filippelli.
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the idea of having it now and supportin the local shops is fine with me. Getting a discount cause you bought the bike there or do lots of business should be expected. But any substantial price difference, of if they need to order it, then its better to go online.
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