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Is anyone interested in playing paintball on Saturday 9/28? We'll be playing at Paintball Blitz located in Gurnee Illinois (next to Great America).

Paintball Blitz

Games start at 8:30 a.m. till 4:30 p.m., but you can leave at anytime.

The cost is $30 per person and includes the following:
- Access to field
- Semi-auto marker
- Goggles and Head Gear
- First nitrogen air fill (good for 800 rounds of ammo)

Additional costs are:
- Paintballs $9 per 100
$40 per 500
$70 per 1000
$120 per 2000
- Air Fill is $1 per 1000 lbs. (usually you need to fill three times for the whole day).

If you have your own marker and/or equipment, the entrance fee is $15. Also, if we can get a big enough group, the entrance fees are less and we can share on the costs. If anyone is interested, send me a PM. Women are welcomed too (my wife plays).

For those who haven't played before, its a lot of fun!!:D

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I must admit, the bug has been hitting me for playing.(Infantry, I like to shoot shit.) The prices listed for paint and rental aren't bad, comparable with Apocolypse just north of Madison (well worth the trip, btw). How are the fields? Is there a village? Hyperball? Tower? If you are charging your air tank 3 times a day, damn, they are giving you small cylinders (or you are shooting a lot!)

I was thinking hitting this place in conjunction with a party I plan on throwing next month. Only problem is my party is Oct. 26 (details to follow, please don't bastardize this thread). Weather gets pretty iffy then, and paintballs hurt more when it's cold :D

If enough people are up for it, I'm game. I may be able to get a couple non-riding buddies to come down.

For those wondering about the price, figure the $30 for the rental and probably 1000 rounds. I usually buy their paint by the case (2000 rounds) then split it between everybody. Everybody pitches in and saves a couple bucks.
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