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Hey guys... so I got a call from the woman I am renting a space from in Lakeview, apparently the management for the building informed her they will be towing both my bikes - because parking a motorcycle in the parking facility is against their homeowners association rules. They claim motorcycles make too much noise and are a nuisance to people living there... :nutkick:

Both of mine are pretty quiet but I can understand they don't want loud harelys and stuff.

So I was planning on selling one of them anyway - the KLR 650, realized owning a car is more advantageous way of getting to work.

But the Daytona 675 will have no where to go. I was hoping someone on here lives in the city and could offer up some temporary parking till I find a more permanent place to park. Let me know through pm's or posts on here. I'm pretty pissed at the moment - but they gave me until Friday at 5:00 pm.

I'm currently on the road to an interview is N.W. Iowa and I'll be back late Thursday night. So I'll have to figure all this out on Friday.

Probably gonna end up selling the KLR to a dealer to just get rid of it quickly so I guess that's for sale too. 03' KLR 650 under 8k miles all service receipts and all the original dealer forms and such. Runs great and just had the oil changed less than 30 miles ago as well as rebuilt front master cylinder, a new clutch cable, and new grips. The pads are in good shape and the the Rear D606 tire is good too. Front might need to be replaced soonish but it still has decent tread depth. I've got a pair of Kenda K270 tubes but no tires if ya decide to go that route. I'm asking around 2k but open to offers.

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I believe our garage might rent to outsiders. I live a LSD and Addison. Phone number is 773-296-0286 ask for the manager Matt during 9-5 hours. It's pioneer parking they have a few lots. Also I used to park my bike at 3450 LSD before they allowed bikes here. I can't remember that garage phone # number.

So she flat out said they were going to tow them? Not, hey please move you bikes because they aren't allowed? That's odd.

You could always go to the board and ask them for parking rights too. That's what I did.
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