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Parting Out 2001 R6 "Champion's" Limited Edition

Back story is the bike was supposedly running last season and the kid took it for a short ride. He went a couple of miles down a strip and turned around to ride back. After a short distance the bike lost power and died. He told me he charged the battery and tried to start it the next morning. Next, he pulled the carbs and took them to a shop to have them cleaned/inspected. They told him the carbs were fine. His solution was to park it & purchase a brand new 2012 R1!
I ended up buying the bike and boxes of parts he removed just as it has sat for close to a year. Got the bike buttoned up and realized the PROBLEM is it won't fire. It turns over like crazy, but does NOT start. The only thing I can think of is a compression issue(cam chain adj. or valves) are out of adjustment. PLEASE put R6 in subject or it gets zapped! $500 as it sits now..... yamaha R6/

Continental Rear 190/50/17 $55
RIGHT Hand controls-$45
Radiator(complete w/hoses & hardware minus fan)-$50
Front rotors-$45
Rectifiers-$40 each
(1)overflow Bottles w/hoses & some hardware-$15
(1)Clutch/throttle cables-$7
Sm Box of miscellaneous parts
PLEASE put R6 in subject when PM/emailing


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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