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Passing this along for free!!!

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I have a Twist of the wrist 2 book that I have read twice and will not read it again. Great info that I would like to pass on to anyother member here who has not read it.

If interested let me know. The book is free, but I will charge $50 shipping:laughing :laughing :laughing hehehe just kidding...

Maybe whoever gets it can read it til he or she gets tired then pass it on also, who knows... But its yours if ya want it....
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I'd like to read it, I'll give it back or buy it from you or just pass it on to another member if you want. I just don't feel right about taking it for free. I've been trying to find it around here but all the bookstores in my area suck. Lemme know if ya want me to pick it up or if you just want to bring it to a group ride or whatever.

I would like to buy it or read if possible let me know.
This should be passed around to all members. Make it the group copy.
Ryan, let me know when you want it. After youre done with it you can pass it along if you want, or not. But its free!! It was passed on to me, so I am doing the same...
I want to read it too. Could I be next in line? Contact info: [email protected]

Someone with a scanneer, and some time, should scan the thing, make it into acrobat reader files, and then we could pass it along via net.
Ok, I've PM'ed Carlos to find out how I can get the book from him. Whenever I'm done with it, (shouldn't be long once I have it) I'll put up a post in here and pass it along to someone else.

I have a copy myself that I don't mind loaning out....Ody tested and approved.....
No one here has a scanner ????? if I find a copy of the book I will scan and try to start passing it that way (actually would like to get both) so if you know where I can find one or let me know when I can use a copy I will scan and post how we can start passing that way.

Have you never heard of copyright infringement?
I wouldn't mind having an adobe version, but wouldn't want to be caught being the one to scan and post!
If you can afford 10k-12k for a bike, 300-500$ for a jacket, 300-600$ for a good helmet, then you CAN afford 15$ bucks for a book to learn to ride the 10k-12k bike better....

I also have a TOTW2 that I wouldn't mind putting into circulation...
Michael said:

didn't we already have a "group copy" that somebody left to us? Ducman maybe? Whatever happened to it?
vcook recently passed that copy on to Maks via <somebody>???
I have a copy of TOTW II & Sportbike Performance handbook if anyone is interested.....a few more have found my house already the other day :laughing
Ernie said:
vcook recently passed that copy on to Maks via <somebody>???
Oh, yeah, I have the one from Vcook, which is apparentl Ducman's old copy. I'll pass it on when my dad and I have both finished readin' it.
when ever u guys can i would like to read those books:D
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