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phozed's private trackday at Grattan

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UPDATED: phozed's private trackday at Grattan 8/20

I've mailed Grattan a certified check so we're good to go for August 20th. It will cost $115 dollars per rider. Please PM or email me your: email address, real name, and emergency contact information. I will respond with my home address to send payment. I'm going to ask that you please send me your money ASAP so I'll know where I stand - I put my money down and since I'm taking the finanical risk, I'd really appreciate your support with this.

The August dates weren't very flexible, We had a choice of two days and selected August 20th.

As of right now the cost is going to be 115$/rider. If you're attending you must pay me in advance (personal checks or cash, no paypal sorry) and the sooner the better. I'm not doing this to make money, but I will charge each rider a little more than cost to try and cover my ass if someone doesn't show/pay. I'm also going to tip the ambulance and corner workers some if I have the money left over.

important: I'm honestly sorry, but I will NOT be issuing refunds... I'm not Best Buy and don't want to worry about constantly updating the cost to the other riders. I will let someone else take your already-paid for spot, provided you handle everything. If it's a truly exceptional circumstance email me and we'll see what we can do.

This is a show up and ride event, there won't be any control riders or slow groups, so a fair amount of experience is required. Full-on safety gear is required. There will be passing everywhere so if you can't hold or your line or don't know what that means sorry you're not who the trackday is aimed towards. Oil-filters, oil fill and drain plugs must be safety wired, mirrors removed, all plastic lenses taped, Water Wetter, newish tires, etc.. These things MUST be done or you cannot ride. That being said, this is a trackday and NOT a race, NO UNSAFE PASSING, NO STUFFING INTO CORNERS, etc... we're out there to have some fun and ride, leave the superhero antics for the races. If you have to think twice about a pass, you should wait until it's safe - please!!! Everyone who attends MUST sign the waivers! If you have a problem with that don't come. I'm NOT looking just for riders who can cut a fast lap, I'm looking for people who can keep their line and not get spooked if they get passed in a corner.

Open track all day except for lunch - enter and exit when you want. Don't be an ass, no wheelies or showboating on or off the track - I don't want to be put in the spot to have to listen to the track owners yell at me and I don't want to yell at anyone else. If you get spotted doing it and I hear about it (just once) you're done for the day, and won't be invited back again, so keep that in mind after the last session. My goal is to spend as little time administrating this thing as possible and riding as much as I can - your cooperation in this is greatly appreciated Lunch will NOT be provided.

Grattan's rain insurance: it's my understanding that we'll have to eat the cost of the EMTs in the event of rain, but we will be able to reschedule in the future without having to eat the cost of the track rental. This is the track's policy as it was explained to me - but to cover my ass: rain insurace will be whatever Grattan raceway says in the event of rain. But it sounds like, worst case, we'll have to reschedule for another date and pay for the EMTs again.

Camping is allowed the night before the event in the OUTER PADDOCK only.

As of 7/29, I have 20 confirmed spots, and 6 maybes, so if you're thinking about attending I'd suggest you make up your mind quick! If you have any questions PM me.
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i am in....for august...the 20 or the 21

ill get that stuff saftey wired and i got new tires on the way...OH YEAH this is gonna be fun.

HOPE NO ONE fucks off
tempting, very tempting. this would be a during the week track day no matter what the date right?
VCook - yeah, the only available August dates are during the week...
(frantically flippin' thru mah checkbook)
August is probably out for me. But September has possibilities!
phozed said:
VCook - yeah, the only available August dates are during the week...
does the same hold true for the september dates? Just curious, i think I have one day of vacation left.
I would be definitely in if the August dates were the week before. As of right now, I don't know if I can make any of these dates.

Also, you might want to get in contact with Andy George ([email protected]). He put on a great trackday and there were very few, if any, noobs in the group.

Im very interested in all the days...I have 5 weeks of vaca to burn :D
I'm interested as well, but dont fill the requirements either Mike.:( :( O well there will be more.
I AM SO IN FOR AUG!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats my vacation time make it 2 days!!!!;) anyhow im in!!! let me know:thumbsup :thumbsup :helmet
August would be difficult for me ....

I'm a definite for September (except 9/21 - 9/22 - BHF).
ok, for August so far I've had 8 people (myself included) for sure and 2 or 3 more potentials. I'll keep everyone posted, but it sounds like 20 shouldn't be difficult at all - and Sept looks even better...
I'm interested. Dates? Hell, I'm a contractor, I don't need no stinking vacation time! I've got all the time in the world! Pick one and I'll verify attendance options.

OK, so I'm a bottom feeder like Mikey and Champ!
:mad :mad
I'm going to be F-ing in Minneapolis on biz the 20th to the 22nd. Those are the only days I am out all month!
:mad :mad
Damn, I thought you were supposed to be my Bro. I guess you will want to use the trailer too, just to add insult to injury. :twofinger
dude...i am soooooo in....... everthing's good but sept 4th
I'm about 90% sure I can get away from work for August 20th or 21st. The 20th is better for me.

That track is really easy to pass on since most corners are so wide and there are so many different lines you can take. As long as guys can hold their line when somone is passing them... it will be cool no matter how fast or slow they are.

I promise, no accidental stuffing attempts this time.:rolleyes :nono My bad:(
I promise, no accidental stuffing attempts this time. My bad
ya little cherry pie boy:rofl

if you grab my ass in a pass..ill get you man...and you ant stuffing shit in my ass dude:jester

All right, I went through the first level of checking around and the 20th is a travel day with just drinks and stuff when I show up. There are a couple of people I need to spend time with in MN and am seeing if I can schedule it either late the 22nd or stay over on the 23rd. If everything works out I'll just need to be dropped off at the Grand Rapids airport after the track. Hmmm, I better check and see what times are available for flights to MN as I can't imagine that there are lots of options flying out of there.

I'll keep you posted. Think good thoughts. :D :D :D
Any of the Augusts are good for me, the Sept 4 is excellent as I have that week off. It's about time I get my slow sorry ass on a track with the 954!

Hey...I need a trailer or trailer space! If one of you guys have a trailer but a car that is kind of wheezie pulling it, I have a class 3 hitch and 5K capacity on my truck! (if I can get my bike on your trailer of course;))
I'm good for a weekday. I'd rather do august, since aug is a little slow for me (all my weekends are booked, so my bike goes wasted).

you guys would have to take it easy on me, since I've never been to grattan on the bike, and all those corner scare me.
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