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Polished my rear rim...

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yes, I was bored the other night when I could not go out riding, so I polished my rear rim edges....just have to do the front one now.....

Will paint the inner section R1 blue when I get the paint...

(I suck at this, need better tools..:laughing )
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Another angle...:rolleyes
Looks Good man!! The blue will definately make it "blingin":laughing
How bored are you????? Do you wanna do mine for me???
:D :D :D
looks good..but god dammm...water that grass
Odysseys said:
looks good..but god dammm...water that grass
I know, I know.....need to do the rain dance more often....:laughing
Looks good, When should I drop mine off. :D :D And save me some of that blue paint too. :D
Michael said:

btw .. have those tires ever been ridden on? :twofinger :evil :D :cheers j/k
I think so, I heard through the grape vine that he actually rode it once, But I think it was just to work and back. Usually it just sits in the garage with VVelvet ropes around it like a sculpture :D :D :twofinger
looks sweet :thumbsup

Need me to break in those tires for ya? :helmet
come's my 4th set in 3k miles.....:D
rims lookin sweet bro.
Michael said:
looks good man .. don't forget to do mine when you are done .. you promised, remember? it was on the old board .. that got deleted :D

btw .. have those tires ever been ridden on? :twofinger :evil :D :cheers j/k
Here's my previous tire...

That tire obviously came off a busa.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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