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POST (7/13/02) shooting trip

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well all that showed was me, kruz and hondahirny and his dad.

it was a fun day.....thanks for letting me shoot some ammo guys threw your peices.

i had fun...i went threw 500 rounds like butter in my 9mm...also i think the highlight was me and kruz...shooting the legs off the target holders (wood 2x4's framed up) since we are pretty dam good marksmen...we got the job done in a few clips.
its not SUPER easy hitting 2" wide peice of wood all the way across like a saw from 30feet...but we did:evil

martin post that pic when ya can.

thanks again guys...looking foward to it next time
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Yeh that was fun :D

Glad to shoot the rifles for the first time...the AK is still cooling off. :D

I may need to trade in the 12 gauge for a 22 with scope.
Anytime yous want to go trap shooting (12/16 guage) lemme know, got a Benelli,couple cases of ammo/clays, and a launcher.


2 outdoor ranges i know of are in Wilmington & McHenry
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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