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Question about track day leathers

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I am seriously contemplating purchasing a set of 2-piece leathers (for both street use and possibly track use/ track days). However, the question I have is that the set I am looking at (Teknic Violators) only have the mating zipper in the back. Not being sure if this is the norm, or the exception to the norm (I thought the mating zipper goes all the way around the suit), is this acceptable for track day riding or should I be looking for something better? Any insight that can be provided is greatly appreciated.

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Wow! That was fast. Thanks Michael. So, being new to the group, the suit I'm looking at should be sufficient for the track days the group generally participates in as well as for the Nebsa days (for at least a while. :)

Perfect!! I anticipate starting to race sometime between moving into the doghouse and being disowned by my mother!! :laughing :laughing My purpose for the track days is like what most people have told me. To become a better rider.
Michael said:

are you buying this suit as a 2 piece suit? or just buying a jacket and pants?
That's a good question and I'm not 100% sure. What I can tell you is that the guy I'm looking to buy them from just sent me a whole ton of pics (17). According to the pics the pants and jacket match identically. The pics only show like you guessed an 8" mating zipper on the coat and pants. My impression is that it's an older model since it doesn't have the knee pucks either (plan on having them put on). However the leather is in excellent condition as he stated he only used them a "few" times as starter/ trial leathers before he bought a new Spidi 1-piece.
dont know how much your paying for them, but look around a bit and check out new 2 pc and 1 pc suits. Try some on. They are not all the same. I'd go for a full circumferance zipper if it were me.
Champ91 said:
dont know how much your paying for them, but look around a bit and check out new 2 pc and 1 pc suits. Try some on. They are not all the same. I'd go for a full circumferance zipper if it were me.
Thanks. I've been shopping for a set for a few months now and have tried numerous sets on so far. My problem has been finding the right chest-waist combination for my size. I've had the opportunity to try the same brand on and they fit me well. IMO, it's hard to pass this set up. The colors match my bike, the size is right (even the leg length for me :laughing) they're fully perforated, never been scuffed, no tears, and only $300.00.

well if they fit and are not damaged as you say and are of good quality and armoured. for 300 bucks, what r u waitin 4
Suit Questions

OK: I know that this has been hashed around but I am looking for a suit for track days also. My chances of racing are slim to none. "A" my wife would hurt me worse in my sleep if I got hurt, "B" I need to walk and talk every day to do my job. So yes I am afraid. But track days sound like a great way to improve my riding skills. I am going to guess that a two pc. suit would be fine for street use and trank days. I believe that a two pc. would also fit me better. I am 6'1" 215 and the sizing charts for the one pc. suits don,t sound correct. I really don't thing that I need to buy a custom suits for my type of use. I figure that a two pc. couls be split up for the jacket only days. OK smart and wise people, talk to be please, I would really appreciate the help. Also where can you find someplace to try these things on. Not many places stock these things. Thanks again and hope to meet some of you on the streets. "T":confused
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try woodfield motorsports, Dan is the man to talk to. they have a decent selection there. he's also good with finding YOUR size.

Try They are great at sizing you over the phone. Be honest with them and they will hook you up. I recommend a one piece. No matter what you end up going with you should always budget 170 bucks for a good back protector. That's more important than the one/two piece debate.
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