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Quit Smoking today

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Yup, I got a patch on my arm. And Camel just lost one more customer.
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Re: Re: Quit Smoking today

Crazy said:

Stick withit Tony. The money you save is another bike payment, especially with the .40 tax increase today. Good thing you don't live in New York, it would cost you $7.00 per pack
Yup that tax is one of the main reasons I quit, besides the obvious health reasons. I didnt want to give the state any more of my money.
Well it looks like I'll be scheduling another quiting date. I was going through a major case of asshole last night and my wife finnally said she thought aI should go have a cig. I think next time I am going to jump to the larger patch and have some of that gum on hand. I was really moody yesterday.
Yeah i am going to try it again very soon. I defiantly need to psych myself up for it more. I kinda went into that willy nilly. Although I did make it till about 9pm without one :D
Yeah it's gonna happen again soon. I figure its kinda like Knocking over a soda machine, Ya cant do it in one push, you gota rock it back and forth a few times then knock it over. :D

Thanks for all the encouragment guys. Except of course for Kruz but I'm used to his wiseass :D
BusaDave said:

I've heard that smoking a whole joint everytime you have a craving for a cigarette works pretty good too! :evil
But then thats sets off a whole bunch of other cravings, like obnoxious amounts of twinkies and ho ho's :D :D
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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