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Quit Smoking today

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Yup, I got a patch on my arm. And Camel just lost one more customer.
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I bought my last carton yesterday. As soon as I paid the higher tax, was the time I decided it was time to quit. I quit previously for 3 months but started up again because of a girl.:mad

I got the gum already. Tony, it works great, alot better than the patch. I totalled up the $$$$ and I would have an extra $1,200/ year if I quit. That is some cash for some pretty sweet mods. Good Luck when you decide to quit again.
Go out get drunk and smoke about 3 packs. Then you will quit the next morning when you can't breath.:cheers
Yeah it's gonna happen again soon. I figure its kinda like Knocking over a soda machine, Ya cant do it in one push, you gota rock it back and forth a few times then knock it over. :D

Thanks for all the encouragment guys. Except of course for Kruz but I'm used to his wiseass :D
I tried to quit a couple times and couldn't but then I tried the patch and it worked for me. It was 5 years on April 1. What made it work easier was my wife quitting at the same time. We both knew we'd get our ass kicked if we cheated.
KBOlsen said:
You might gain a little weight 'cuz food will start tasting fifty times better...
And you'll get your sense of smell back. That's mostly good, except when you go to dinner or the theatre and are setting next to some smoking woman with WAY to much perfume because she can't smell it.

Ick, sometimes you can actually taste that crap!:mad

Just wait until you break the habit and get your smell back. Then go to a bar for about an hour and realize how disgusting your old habit really was. And wait until you notice how many smokers think it's ok to throw their butts on the ground everywhere they go, and yes some of you reading this right now do it all the time, sometimes with an ashtray less than 10 feet away.

I've heard that smoking a whole joint everytime you have a craving for a cigarette works pretty good too! :evil
BusaDave said:

I've heard that smoking a whole joint everytime you have a craving for a cigarette works pretty good too! :evil
But then thats sets off a whole bunch of other cravings, like obnoxious amounts of twinkies and ho ho's :D :D
I quit last week and now I'm sitting here with Newport in hand. KBOlsen is right about the first 72 hours being the hardest and about the going out drinking. I made it about 48 hours and then I went out drinking and that was it. I gotta try the gum or something next time.

21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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