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RA lap by Goebert

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I was just flipping through this years program from RA and read the story on Goebert and telling us a bout a lapp all the way around RA. Basicly he says turns 1,3,7,8, and 14 are 2nd gear corners and turns 5,6, canada corner are 1st gear!!!!! wow...BIG differance from what gears I was in 4th gear turn 1, 3rd gearturn 3, 5 and 6, turn 8 3rd gear, canada corner 3rd gear and turn 14 3rd gear.

What was anybody else doing at Ra?
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Was this on a Supersportor the R7. They run taller
'Daytona" gearing on the bikes for that race. 1st gear is probably good for up to 80mph or more.

A racer runs whatever gear he needs to stay in the powerband. They treat 1st gear the same as the rest because unlike most us hacks, they have good throttle control.

Personally for my own safety If I'm doing under 50 mph I'd rather lug 2nd than grab 1st.
superbike I think,,,,,,,,,,now Mr. Goebert, Can I borrow your R7?:jester
Michael said:

who is the Goebert you keep talking about? I only know of Anthony Gobert ... :confused
Same one I think.
gobert, goebert. just cauz i failed ebonics class don't mean iz stupid:D

thanx fer da curekshun!!!!!!!:)
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