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Race plastics and headlights?

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I'm gonna get race plastics and I'm going to need at least one headlight to keep the thing legal. I already thought about mounting a driving light under the nose but I don't have room in there it will hit the fender. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Carlos.
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oppracing...I think can custom build a front fairing witha cutout for a aftermarket car driving light. Lupi and Champ both have them....but It sounds like you don't want any holes in the fairing and want to mount the light under the fairing,
I tried opp but they say they are backordered for 4 months and he can't help me. So now I have to find other options. I also thought about drilling a hole in the fairing and sticking a driving light in there.
Yep I have OOP Racing (Sibimoto) Fairings. I had Projection Halogend installed in them. 2 actually. 1 high and 1 low. You could get race fairings from anyone and still install lights into them. I had thought about PIAA lights. But it was a package deal. And it took 4 months for us to get ours as well. but it was a winter project.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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