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Race Tires on the Road

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Here is my situation. I purchased this '01 Limited Edition R6 from a dude in Ottawa. He took the liberty of putting on every mod I could think of: Hindle exhaust, k&n filter, tinted wind screen, carbon fiber flush mounts, fender removal kit, Dyno Jet kit, you get the idea. The one mod he added was Perelli Race compound tires. I have never had a bike with race tires and I was wondering the precautions I need to take. They have plenty of grip left on them and they hook up great, but do I have to avoid all rain, cops, etc. Are these legal? What is the deal?
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my advise...take them them for a track day. and put on a set of metzlers M-1 sportecs.

heres a few reasons...they take some good riding to heat up..ALSO you have to keep riding agressive on the street to keep them heated up. they cool down fast, heat cycles make the compound harder after a while, if they are slicks...dont even think about riding in the rain, they can be cold when you think they are gripping and when you need them BAMM shit outta luck,

race tires belong on the track..BUT with this HOT weather it makes them alittle better for the streets.

the m-1s are kick ass..heat up FAST withien seconds, very gripy. and cheap enough.
they are my favorite and theres many other guys that like them too, i kinda started the m1 revalution on here...lmao
If they're not slicks they're probably DOT (street legal). If they are illegal they should be marked "not for street use" on the sidewall ... Don't worry about cops.

Don't ride in the rain.... Slippery slippery
They're gonna wear fast... I'd expect 1000-1500miles
You cannot/will not get them to optimum temp on the street...

I'd be a little learry of keeping them for trackdays, as you don't know the full history. For all you/we know they could have 30+ heat cycles on them :rolleyes

I'd just wear'em down on the street and get new rubber when needed.:jester
Personally I dont think any street bike needs race tires. If you're riding that hard to *need* race compounds, then take it to a track.

Although I'm buying a set of race takeoffs for my YZF as interim tires until I can afford a new set of street tires.
I ran a Rennsport race on the rear for a month. Couldnt hook up at the strip and slid occasionally in the corners. M-1 is now on a much much better tire cant get it to move at all.
vtr996 and Odysseys have called it accurately and correctly.

That said, I do burn up some of my take offs on the street. If you know the limitations and are aware of the trade-offs, you can get away with it- it's not an absolute negative thing. Why not try them out carefully, don't push the limits, and then decide after seeing how they feel?
I still have the stock front tire that is only a year old. It's a dunlop. I may try to wear these tires out over the next couple of months. Then buy new ones. I want to save some money for some better gear. I have a good helmet but that is about it. After reading some forum's on gear and crashes and stuff, I am making it my top priority. get a good jacket and gloves. With just buying this bike and insurance and all that jazz, I need to save my dough for a few months. I gotta drink ya know:cheers

Most importantly, I need to know if these tires are going be safe for a couple of months. The gear might be more important than I think if I can't keep the rubber side DOWN!!!!!:laughing
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