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Radiator Repair

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know anyone good?
I'm looking into emergency way to fix my oil cooler on my bike.
Hopefully this shop will do repairs same day?

I did find a oil cooler after calling about 15 dealers through the country and they are going to ship saturday delivery.
The first dealer i thought was going to recieve today but it did not come in, and Ducati's closed.
Any way, i may still want to fix the old one as a spare part.
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is it stainless steel? or copper?

if its copper...i know any radiator fix shop can do it then.

if its stainless still ask them...but i bet your luck will be cut down 80%
still give it a shot, look in the phone book around auto repair for a radiator guy
ya , i'm gonna look in the book , but was also looking for references for a known good shop
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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