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Rental leathers

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I was just on and they are now renting leathers. Fees run about $90-125 for 2 days (+$20 insurance)...thats's including return postage. Sounds like a decent option.

Chris? What's your excuse now?
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You can also rent leathers(and bikes) at STT days.
what kind of bikes can you rent, this sound cool!!
JimGoFast said:
what kind of bikes can you rent, this sound cool!!
I think they have GS500's and CBR600F3. I also have a flyer saying you can rent the "helmet cam" for a session!!!
Well forget the bikes, but the helmet cam is cool. I spoke to Jack about this at black hawk he was thinking about it dont know if he has done anything about since then.
Helmet cam ... :thumbsup

I'm waiting for my 1:30 of fame from the last NESBA day!
no bikes and no helmet cams. Was hoping to do a session with monte with the cam but "due to insurance reasons, we are no longer doing helmet cams" he said his carrier didn't like riders wearing the backpack on the track, so he was forced to drop that option. Never seen or heard that stt rents bikes...however they did have aprillia demo bikes to ride for a session at RA
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